As an artist, my main interests are in representing social justice, responding to human suffering, and raising awareness about women and children and their struggle in war-torn countries in the Middle-East. My artwork allows me to speak for those who no longer have a voice; children and families who died in the name of Freedom and Liberty during the ugliness of the Iraq War. The world is full of discrimination and pain, especially for children who have had no chance to live their childhood, raise families of their own or share their knowledge and wisdom. 

Throughout these conflicts, ISIS has destroyed the artifacts of my cultural history causing deep pain. I strive to bring the imagery and language from this threatened antiquity into the 21st century. My focus on human society and culture involves ancient and modern artwork and language from before, during, and after the Iraq War. Reading inspires my conceptual approach to media such as painting, drawing, and sculpture. Within these media, I develop specific tones by using different materials, techniques, and textures to reflect a conceptual foundation. The movement and expression involved in my process of art making can be directly communicated to the viewer without spoken language.

My work looks towards a positive renewal of life through rebirth and social justice issues that give a voice to those without one and meaning to strive for better life. I find my motivation as a response toward the ugliness I experienced throughout the Iraq war.